About us

We produce the world's most comfortable shoes!

Since the foundation of the Nimco Schoe Factory in 1904, the company has always operated from the Nijmegen region. Later located on the Wychert estate, subsidiary The Sensible Shoe Company steadily works on its mission to develop the world's most comfortable shoes. Each foot has its own story. And each foot belongs to a person with own values ​​and an own style, and with individual requirements with regard to shoes. For each person, we design shoes that present craftsmanship, supreme comfort and style. We do this through our special ingredient: the Xsensible Inside technology. Xsensible Inside stands for bi-stretch leather. A patented technology that we developed, which we believe in and which we are very proud of.

The Sensible Shoe Company is part of the United Nimco Companies.
The Nimco companies comprise: Nimco Made 4 You (Orthopaedics) and The Sensible Shoe Company (comfort shoes with Xsensible Inside stretch leather Technology)