Founded by Johan Verschuur: Nimco Shoe Factories J. Verschuur & Co. NV.
Focus was mainly on the production of (comfort) shoes for women and children shoes.

The shoe factory in 1930. The first fully electric shoe factory in the Netherlands

In cooperation with the St. Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen, the first innovation in specially
adapted shoes for children takes place.

Takeover of the company by Adriaan Krol.

Reorganization of the shoe factory in Nijmegen.

The Nimco shoe factory Nijmegen Tooropstraat 26 in 1971

  Nimco Shoe Factory. 1940' & 50'

Montage-department Nimco shoe factory. 1940 & 50

Montage-department nimco shoe factory. 1940'& 50

Nimco restarted the production of shoes for children, comfort shoes for women and
therapeutic and special shoes.

Nimco developed the Xsensible stretch leather technology. This nowadays globally patented technology unleashed a revolution within the shoe industry. This technology is particularly
suitable for use in footwear for diabetics.

Nimco starts an orthopedic shoe factory in Portugal.

Nimco grew internationally. The innovative power within the organization ensured that the company was ready for the 21st century.

Nimco acquires the Japanese license of a shoe sole that helps retain balance. The company starts an innovation project in which this sole is the basis of a new collection of shoes named Stretchwalker.

Since 2010, The Sensible Shoe Company - as an independent division within the Nimco
organization - develops the shoe collections Classicwalker, Stretchwalker and Mywalker.
Xsensible Inside (patented stretch leather technology) is used in all 3 brands.

The three different shoe lines are no longer being communicated seperately. Currently is it called Xsensible®.
De stretchwalker collection grows strongly and falls under the Xsensible collection. It’s called Xsensible Stretchwalker. Comfort begins with Xsensible Inside