The Xsensible Stretchwalker is the shoe that makes you happy!
Do you want to know how a shoe can make you happy? The Japanese inventor, Tetsuya Nosaka, makes over 20.000 people happy every single year! When people come to his stores he asked them one question: ''Do you want to be happy?''. Ofcourse is their answer everyone wants to be happy! All of his customers want to try on the shoes and feel the comfort of Xsensible Stretchwalker. Mr Nosaka is very interested in his customer responses. He asked them about their opinion all the time. The Stretchwalker shoes are available in over 60 shoppingcenters throughout Japan. Our shoes are presented with the biggest brands! The brand awareness of the Stretchwalker shoes is very high in Japan.

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Tetsuya Nosaka (inventor of the Stretchwalker concept) and Max Krol (CEO - Xsensible)