Comfort begins with Xsensible Inside® stretch leather

The patented stretch leather technology of Xsensible inside® comprises various layers and each layer has a specific function.The outermost layer is made of real leather and it has undergone a special treatment which gives it amazing elasticity. This stretch leather gives one maximum freedom of movement. All Xsensible® shoes feel like a second skin, are available in various width sizes and have a removable comfort insole. Xsensible® shoes are also suitable for people with sensitive feet.

The technology means that the leather stretches 70% in the width and just 30% in the length. Tests showed that the shoe always returned to its beautiful original shape after 50,000 footsteps. At Xsensible® we call it: “Leather with a memory”. Xsensible® inside is patented and comprises several layers. Each layer has a certain function.. This unique The uppermost layer is real leather. This leather is made extra stretchable by using a certain treatment methodstretch leather is used in all our Xsensible® shoes. All Xsensible® shoes feel like a second skin. The stretchable leather allows you to experience maximum freedom of movement. Only Xsensible® shoes shape themselves directly to the shape of the foot and that is special, because not all feet are the same. Xsensible® inside stretch leather breaths naturally and ensures a comfortable temperature.

• 100% stretch leather 
• 70% stretch in width
• 30% stretch in length
• super lightweight
• breathable
• freedom of movement
• water resistant